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    Slingplayer issues with Comcast X1 system

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      On Comcast/Xfinity - had to convert over to X1 system.  Went from being able to view/use iPad, iPhone, MS Surface Pro 2 or my laptops - now only the iPad works. Any solutions?  I did change the cable box and remote to be correct with switch. 


      Now can use iPad as before, but all other devices are stuck on a single channel - no way to change.


      Using Slingbox 500, fully up to date on upgrades on Sling and all other devices. 


      Strong signal on devices - receipt of signal speed at 3125.

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          I am having the same issue.  I have searched the entire forum, tried every Comcast, Arris, and Other combination you can try and still cannot get it ot change the channels using the remote, guide, or manually entering the channels.


          I know that AlanRichey has responded to these before, but I even tried his solutions and feel that maybe they changed to a new remote that is not supported.


          SB 500

          Arris MX011ANM (but does not work when selected out of the list)