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    Watching in Chrome forces set up

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      My SlingBox has been set up, off-site, for a couple years. Now I'm in Chrome trying to watch, and everytime I go to newwatch.slingbox.com, it forces me into the 'set up' window. Then, the set up window won't work in Chrome. I don't need to 'set up' my Slingbox. It's already all set up. How do I tell the Chrome browser just to 'watch' my sling box.

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice



          First, I would go through and uninstall the Plugin; it's possible it may not have updated properly, I'll throw a link below that has the steps to do so in each browser:



          After this, if it still does not work and you are not seeing a yellow bar at the top of your page asking to " Enable the SlingPlayer within your browser settings" try these steps:

            1.  Launch Chrome
            2.  Type "chrome://flags" (without quotes) into the address bar
            3.  Scroll down and click "Enable" under "Enable NPAPI”.
            4.  Quit Chrome, and restart the computer.


          If you are seeing that nasty yellow bar try this:

          1. Open a new tab in Chrome
          2. Click Apps in the top left-hand corner of the page
          3. You should the SlingPlayer for Chrome, if it is grey Click to enable it


          If this doesn't work though, I would recommend another browser (Firefox or Safari), to see if the issue may just be within the latest Chrome update and their changes from Plugins to Extensions.


          I hope this helps!!


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              This is such BULL ****!   I have had mine for years.  It worked just fine for years.  Now you are forcing an external player and adding advertisements.  Now we need an external player for Chrome which of course does not allow us to use Chromecast. 


              We have about `10 of your units and we will no longer buy anymore due to your inability to keep your hands out of our pockets.  Shame on you all!

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                I did all these steps but they don't address my problem. The plug-in is installed and enabled. When I go to watch.slingbox.com it starts opening the feed and then it launches setup.slingbox.com and starts asking me to set up my sling box. But it's already been set up! I can't set it up again because the slingbox is in Texas and I'm in California. On Internet Explorer I can just watch, but in Chrome it forces me to set it up again.