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    Features removed from Slingbox 500?


      I just purchased the Slingbox 500 and it works great to watch your TV from anywhere, but there were other features I thought were available that unfortunately has been removed. Even though the USB drive feature is still on the box, I just chatted with a support person and found out that this option has been removed. I had to ask what the USB port is used for now and the answer I got was "nothing". I also read about the My Media option on the SlingPlayer app which is supposed to allow you to share media on your android device to your TV, this has also been removed. I was also interested in the SlingProjector feature, but I guess this was only available on a different product. Anyone know why these features were removed? I asked the Support representative that I chatted with and all I got was "no one was using them".  Was SlingProjector ever available with the Slingbox 500 model?