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      I Have had this problem since I purchased my M1 almost 6 months ago and have literaly made dozen's of phone calls to tech support including speaking with supervisors and ultimately swapping out my box with NO solution but rather only empty promises.  At this point I can only conclude that they either don't care or don't know how to fix it.  Furthermore, I get constant disconnects suggesting that SlingPlayer has lost connection with the server...  Yet, I can stream for hours uninterrupted on my iMac.
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          It's the same on all iOS devices, and it's been an on going problem for years.


          It's actually quite incredible that they refuse to acknowledge the problem. I've phoned a few times, and the response I got was that it's not a problem, despite people complaining and posting on this forum for years. YES YEARS!

          Clearly they can't figure out whats going on, and because it can work, all be it with much frustration, they refuse to acknowledge that they even have a problem.


          Maybe that's why they starting giving a way their crappy apps for free. Unfortunately I payed for both my iPad and iPhone apps, and I'm ******. Totally unusable and no recourse, just a big rip off.


          The only saving grace is that it works great on my macbook pro.