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    No Audio When Viewing DVR Content When Using IOS Slingplayer App and Roku 3


      My primary TV has a Slingbox Pro HD and a Comcast DVR attached to it.  I am trying to view the DVR content on another TV which has a Roku 3 with a wireless connection.  Although the IOS Slingplayer app on my iPhone app is very slow, I can control the DVR selections and view shows that I have recorded on the TV.  However, there is no audio; only video.


      I can watch and listen to recorded shows on my iPhone6 (using the same app), as well as on my desktop, without any problems.  The app also allows me to view and listen to TV shows on the secondary TV without any problems.  The audio problem exists only when I am trying to view and listen to recorded shows that have been saved on my DVR.


      I doubt that the Roku 3 is the problem because I have no problems accessing Netflix or Amazon Prime content.


      Any suggestions?