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    Cannot set up Slingbox Solo


      I have bought a pre-owned Slingbox Solo to expan my streaming options, having used a Slingbox Pro-HD for some time.


      I have made the various connections to a YouView box (the Pro-HD is in another room, attached to a different set top box), and performed a Factory Reset, in order to rid the Solo of any legacy settings.  When I go to the Setup area, I can locate the Solo in my directory, and it is notated as requiring setup.  When I click to start the setup, it looks fine, but after a few seconds goes back to the Start screen, and I can't proceed any further.

      I have not set up a Slingbox login for the Solo, but logging into our account using the email address associated with the Pro-HD.  Do I need to allocate a different email address to the Solo?


      I have tried two laptops, wondering if there was some corruption on one.  Both laptops are running Windows 7; one on Professional and the other on Ultimate.  I have tried using both Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.  I have also updated Java, as that seemed to be a requirement.


      Any thoughts, please?


      Many thanks.