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    Works on Network/Not on Internet

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      I have an original Slingbox and it works when I check it online at my home.  When I check it away from the house, it says that it can't find my Slingbox.


      Why would it work that way?  Any help would be appreciated.


      I do have a new Slingbox 350 but I don't think I have time to set it up before leaving town in a couple of days.

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          matthew.sling Newbie

          Hello Barry,


          By the sounds of the issue, the Slingbox might not be set up for internet viewing. If you did the set up on your computer, the last step should have had you test the internet viewing and that allows you to connect outside your local network. You will need to go back to setup.slingbox.com on your home network again to set that up. If you can not get that to pass, the next step is to set up port forwarding on that router that the Slingbox is hooked up to. A great website that will tell you more is portforward.com, just have your router model on hand. If you wanted to read more about how port forwarding works with the Slingbox, here is an article that will explain it.


          Hope that helps!


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              Thanks, Matthew.  I went through the U-Verse Port Forwarding system, set it for Slingbox and it says it is all set but the same problem exists:  I can see it via the original Launch Slingplayer program or online at our house but, as soon as I got to another system, it says it is not reaching the internet.  I'm leaving town tomorrow night and I'd like it to work but I guess it won't be.  Thanks for the advice.