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    Best Solution to Stream capble and/or Off-the-Air TV from one location to another

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      I need help in determining the best solution to stream cable TV and/or Off-The-Air TV from one location to another.


      We have two homes. In our primary home we currently have DirecTV, but would like to switch to either a basic cable plan or use an Off-the-Air antenna to watch network programming (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.).


      At the vacation home we currently have DirecTV as our TV provider where we mostly watch network programs through the satellite service.


      At both homes, we currently have:

      • High Speed Internet (cable at primary home (30 MB/Sec) - vacation home has DSL at about 10 MB/Sec
      • Apple TV
      • Blu-Ray Network connected players
      • Samsung Smart TVs


      I have read that the Amazon FireTV will work natively (without having to have an iPhone/iPad, or some other device in between the network player and the SmartTV. This would be better for us, as we often have guests at our vacation home and don't really want to have them require a smartphone or some extra hardware to watch TV. I also want HD via HDMI vs. some other type of connection.


      Is there a good solution for this? If so, what would be the devices needed?