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    Using private/LAN address over VPNed networks


      I have my home and vacation home networks connected via VPN using OpenVPN server/client on my ASUS routers.  In a nutshell the network is like this:


      Home:  192.168.1.*

      Home2:  192.168.2.*


      Everything on 192.168.1.* can ping/communicate with 192.168.2.*, same in the other direction.


      I'd like my Slingplayer app to use the 192.168.1.* address when I'm on the 192.168.2.* network, but it insists on going over the WAN.  I'm confused why Slingplayer doesn't *always* at least TRY to connect to the private/LAN address before going over the public/WAS address.


      The best "answer" (hack) I've found so far is in the thread (Trying to force LAN use for network with two routers) where you connect via, say, IE, then connect again via Chrome/Firefox and kick off the previous user.  But that does not pass the "wife-acceptance-factor".  Does anyone have suggestions on something I could do on my network force this over the LAN address?  If this is so hard, what's the best way to get Sling's attention to request a feature/fix to help us out?