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    Smart TV

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      I have an LG Smart TV in the bedroom which I'd like to link up to the Slingbox HD Pro.


      At the moment this seems impossible.


      Will Slingbox be creating an app for LG TVs? If so, when? If not, why not?


      Without this feature, the Slingbox is virtually useless for me and the shop owner won't give a refund even though he indicated it should work with the Smart TV.


      Currently a very disappointed customer..



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          alanrichey42 Master

          Sorry to be a downer, but you are wasting your time posting anything like this.  If you read the 'Forum House Rules' you will see:


          • Don't speculate.
            Discussing unannounced Sling Media products, policies, or procedures is not appropriate.





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              It is  question of WHY it cannot be done? What is stopping Slingbox from

              making an app for the smart TVs?


              If it cannot be done this product is improperly marketed as "play your

              favourite tv channels anywhere"