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    Does the iPhone SlingPlayer app require an active 3G/4G connection in addition to WiFi?


      I was going to use an old iPhone 5 that is no longer connected to 3G/4G as my primary device to stream Slingbox content via Airplay to an Apple TV over WiFi.  This setup worked great when this iPhone still had a cellular connection.  Even though I was always using WiFi exclusively to stream the content, once I ended the cellular service on this iPhone, the SlingPlayer app on the iPhone stopped working.  Now when I try to connect the iPhone to my Slingbox via the SlingPlayer app I get the following message:

      Slingplayer cannot connect to your Slingbox.  Please make sure your [iPhone/iPad/phone] and Slingbox are connected to the Internet and try again. (7)


      I know there aren't any issues with my Slingbox's internet connection since I can currently connect to the Slingbox on my Mac and Android Slingplayer app, just not on my iPhone Slingplayer app.  So strange.  Does the iPhone Slingplayer app require a cellular connection (i.e. activated phone)?  Seems odd if this were the case since all it needs is a WiFi connection.  Any thoughts?



      - James