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    Slingbox 350 shows first weak or no video signal then black and white picture when moving cables. Pictures attached

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      I tried two ways to hook up my new slingbox 350: each with an error message:


      The first way:


      I hook the slingbox up with the component green blue and red cables in the "out" section in the cable box  (the middle column) and the corresponding colors in the slingbox (the white background "in" connections 2nd row)  I didn't use the yellow cables.  I get great sound but an error message that says weak or no video signal.   There are three green lights in the streaming section in the app on my ipad and also on my android phone and laptop.   My TV is hooked to the cable box with HDMI cord only.


      The second way:


      I moved cables around  (picture attached ) and put the green blue red component cables in the "archive " video connection which has yellow blue and red sockets on the back of my cable box which is a Cisco for Comcast.  I left the red white audio as originally installed and  I still get great sound but only a black and white picture and no ability to control the remote. .  I still have three green lights showing.



      I have attached my connections pictures  (excuse the dust) of the cable box and the slingbox connected the second way. .  These pics show the  connections that will only give me a black and white picture, good sound and no remote control from the ipad or phone.   I am out of ideas.  Can anyone help?   Should I try a factory reset?