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    is slingbox and sling tv related??


      I just got a "so called, smart tv" and already have the SLINGTV AP ON THE TV.Yet I will have to pay extra for the sling TV eventhough I have 2 slingbox's on my Verizon DVR's?? I really don't understand why Slingbox doesn't have an app for smart TV's...??????  Why would slingbox allow another app. call itself SLINGTV???   THANKS,

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey Sal,


          The Sling TV application is not a Sling Media product, but is a DISH Network service that enables you to stream live TV over the Internet to your TV, tablet, phone, or computer. The link below will discuss more about Sling TV:



          We are always looking to expand on what devices are compatible with the Slingbox. Thanks for the suggestion. I have moved this over to the enhancement requests for connected device forums. This will let everyone know what features/products you are looking for support on.


          Hope this clears things up!