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    New Chrome Extension is terrible

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      We are in to our second year with our Slingbox. Overall we love it. It plays nearly flawless with our three WDTV devices. However, this new extension for Chrome (and Firefox) is terrible. I understand the company desire to add revenue through selling adds on this real estate. However, it appears this was done at the expense of performance.


      1. The screen doesn't size properly. The frames seem to only partially load therefore there is a loss of functionality as buttons are not displayed.

      2. The screen frequently "blinks" where this never happened before. All too often there will be a quick flash to a black screen and then back to the stream. Very annoying.

      3. The guide on the right side of the window is nice. However, the listings must be from some other time zone because they sure as **** don't line up with what is on my local cable network.

      4. Since you have redesigned this, how about a volume control when showing the stream in full screen?

      5. Finally, and what prompted this post in the forum, there is no direct email to your support department. C'mon, really? I've never needed to contact Slingbox before, the system has worked that well. Now that i would like to air some grievance having to resort to this forum is akin to locking your front door and having us all yell up at your windows.