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    Xfinity Xi3 PX032ANI and Slingbox anyone get it working?

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      I have one of the new Xi3 Satellite boxes that ONLY has an HDMI output.  I purchased an HDMI to Component converter box, but am having no luck getting it to signal with my Slingbox 500.  I only get a Blue Screen.  I have tried cycling connection and everything else such as different HDMI cable between the Satellite Box and the Converter.  I am just not having any luck.  I tried to configure the direct HDMI ports as well and the screen goes black after several seconds.


      Has anyone had any success or have any suggestions?

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          I believe your issue is related to high definition content protection (HDCP) through the HDMI Port of the new Comcast Xi3 client device not allowing the video signal to pass through the HDMI to Component video converter, causing the blue screen.  I've done a bunch of research in the last week because I was at the Xifinity store and was about to get the Xi3 client box from Comcast to use solely for my Slingbox until I noticed it only had a single HDMI output.  I had just purchased the Slingbox M1 which does not have  an HDMI input so having the Xi3 would not work unless I also purchased an HDMI to Component converter.  I already had and Xi3 in another room so to test if an HDMI to Component converter would work I tried today and got the same blue screen you did.  


          I then found the following article and associated video on the Slingbox site explaining the issues with HDCP when using HDMI cables, even on the highest end Slingbox available today - Slingbox 500 - which has an HDMI input and output!  The article you can find on thisis at  www,slingbox.com/hdmi (Slingbox.com - Using an HDMI video source with the Slingbox 500)


          Maybe a different HDMI to Component converter could work?  I am finding it hard to figure out if  a different converter box MAY be able to pass through the HDCP video.   Slingbox recommends one right on their website from Gang-Hu but I would rather purchase that or some other through Amazon than from that mfr direct etail site in case I need to return it.

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            do i need two of these portta converters if my sony google tv box doesnt have component in option? in other words i need converter from xi3 to slingbox and than converter f rom slingbox to my sony internet tv unit?


            i wanted to get my old cable box that had component and was programmed to wrk with x1. even though i cant use bluetooth voice option. i prefer to keep the xi3.


            i hate that i need all these extra adapters plugged into the back area of my tv area.


            i wish comcast offered a streaming package at a small fee that i could stream every channel i pay for. than i could eliminate slingbox and converters which would remove 6+ wires