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    Advertisements on Sling Desktop




      I wanted to let Sling Media (and the community in general) that I am severely disappointed in the decision to include advertisements in the Desktop media player.

      When I originally purchased my slingbox, I was under the impression that I could watch TV with the slick and easy-to-use interface with minimal interruptions. The black-style was especially appealing as it was a no-nonsense "stay out of your way" color scheme that didn't detract from watching TV.


      With the new update, the very thing that despises me the most about the Internet is now thrown at me on the very interface and style that I used to love. This is an issue severe enough to warrant the return of the entire product. Personally, I do not put up with advertising software on my computer. It will be very difficult for me, if not impossible for me to return my slingbox due to how long ago I had purchased it. This really feels like a delayed bait-and-switch as I would not have purchased the Slingbox if I had known the desktop client would have advertisements in it.


      The reasons for placing advertising in the Desktop Client mystify me. I understand that companies need to make a profit. I understand that software development is difficult - especially in the United States where licensing and monopolies have been trying to strangle SlingMedia for several years now. However, I don't understand why the cost of the desktop player, which has classically always been bundled with the purchase of the SlingBox suddenly needs more revenue? If it does, I encourage SlingMedia to pursue routes other than advertising to customers who have already spent money. As a caring customer of SlingMedia, I implore the marketing team and developers to reverse this course of action and return to the Interface we, your customers have always loved.


      Approximately when can we, your hopeful and loyal customers expect to hear an answer to whether or not advertisements will stay in the Desktop Client?


      Thank you for your time (and your eyeballs )






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