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    SlingboxHD Pro and TG862G/CT problems

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      I just upgraded to xfinity triple play cabel/net/phone. They sent a Arris TG862G/TC wireless modem/phone all in one.

      I tried to get the sling to work plugged into the back of the TG862 but will not work says connection problems. So I hook back up to my linksys router and it works. Something in the new router/modem I'm sure is blocking it to work. I wanted to use on new modem as my new down load speed is 105mb 15mb upload.


      Would anyone know of the setting i might need to get it working on the faster speed on the 862?



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          My slingbox Pro would not work with the Arris modem from Comcast. Found out slingbox will not work with Arris. The fix was to bridge the Arris modem to my Linksys router. Comcast tech support has to do this. Once bridged you just hook your linksys to the Arris modem and connect all other devices to the linksys. Did this and my slingbox pro works as before and I have the higher speeds from the newer Arris modem.