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    How To Hook Up a UK Slingbox 350 to Freesat?

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      My apologies in advance if their are answers elsewhere in the forums, despite not being able to find them...


      I'm trying to hook up a UK Slingbox 350 with a Freesat satellite receiver in the UK. As the 350 is either composite or component only, the options for third-party Freesat receivers offering component out connectors to achieve an HD-qiuality feed is fairly limited (if not nonexistent)...


      My questions...


      1. What other options are available? Some type of SCART-converter? If so, what?


      2. Anyone with a Freesat receiver that can recommend a model with component out capability?


      3. Bottom line...how are you getting a HD feed OUT to the Slingbox 350?




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          alanrichey42 Master

          Personally I only use an SD Freeview box so don't have a problem.   SCART>Composite converters are very common but SCART>Component are fairly rare as not many boxes support the component signal on the SCART output.   So you would have to find an HD Freeview box and check the specifications to ensure the component signals are available on the SCART output.