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    Unable to connect to Slingbox via IPad

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      I attempted to access my Slingbox through my iPad for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have a Slingbox Solo, which I purchased in late Summer / early Fall of 2012. This last time I used Slingbox through my iPad (using the sling box app), I didn't have any issues or problems. It started as normal and I was able to watch without any problems. This week, however, when I opened the Slingbox app on my iPad, the interface took me to the 'SlingPlayer Setup' and log in screen. Both my email address and password fields were already filled in and completed. I pressed 'Log In' which then took me to the 'SlingPlayer Setup' page with 'Slingbox Found' being displayed on the screen and listing my Slingbox underneath. This is where my issue begins. I press 'connect', next to the name of my Slingbox and it shows that it is attempting to connect my iPad to the Slingbox, however, it never takes me beyond this screen. I cannot get past this screen and it will not connect.  It only allows me to go back to the log in screen. I eventually have to hit the 'home' key on the iPad to take me out of the app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to my iPad and the problem persists. The Slingbox app I am using is the current version.  I am able to access my Slingbox fully through my Macbook using the online connection interface. I have no issues in using Slingbox through my laptop, so the Slingbox is operational and works and all connections are in place to work properly.


      If anyone has had similar problems and has been able to correct the problems, please let me know. I rely on my Slingbox heavily when I travel and to not have it working or to be unable to get it working is extremely frustrating. Thanks in advance for your help.