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    Slingbox Pro HD Won't Get IP Address From New Router

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      I recently upgraded my router from a Linksys RVS 4000 to an LRT214.  The Slingbox used to work perfectly fine with the RVS4000.  When I plugged it into the LRT214, it wouldn't pick up an address.  I had both Routers setup to assign a static IP to the Slingbox.  It was10.10.10.95 in both cases (both routers weren't on at the same time).  I configured port forwarding the same on each router (or as same as the interface would allow).  I thought it was the power supply, so I wasted money buying a new one from Slingbox.  Same results, won't get IP from LRT 214.


      I then tried a Factory Reset (about 6 times).  Same issues.


      Any ideas on what to try next?  Or can anyone confirm that the Slingbox won't work with an LRT214?