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    No Sound or No video with certain streaming sites when projecting to catcher


      Hi Support,


      It's been an on going pain for me but I haven't reported it.  Here is the problem...


      When I am projecting from youtube, most of the time, the video will be fine but sound would not get redirected occasionally (I am okay with it).  On other video streaming sites (not going to name them), I have difficulty getting video to display on catcher.  It would just be blank screen with sound.  It doesn't matter if I manually select the area for projection or I let projector do it automatically or even if I try to project with full display screen (the video part would be blank but other area is okay).


      I have tried it on multiple computers (both Vista and XP 32bits) but it's the same.  I get around it by trying different combinations of starting IE first or projector first, full screen first before projection, etc...  But this is a pain since it takes about 10 or 20 tries before the video will finally show up.


      Is there a fix for this?