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    M1, base Tivo Roamio and HDMI Splitter? (continued)

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      Sorry, it wouldn't let me ask more questions directly, so starting a new discussion.

      Original question: I have a base 4-tuner Tivo Roamio and I would like to connect an M1.  If I use one of the Gung-Hu HDMI splitters, can I connect the M1 and also passthrough my HMDI signal to the existing HDMI connection to my A/V receiver?

      Original answer:  Use a 500.

      So, are you saying that using the Gang-Hu splitter, my original configuration scenario would not work?  What would not work?  The HDMI signal would pass on thru to my A/V receiver, correct?  And the HDMI would be converted and passed on to the M1, correct?