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    Option to turn off flick channel changing on iphone.


      I have been using the sling player for iphone since the day it became available on itunes.  Since then, I have used to almost daily.  While I can see how the flick screen up and down seemed like a good idea and certainly sounds cool, it has become a considerable nuisance, for me anyway.  It's simply too easy to accidentally change the channel when handling the phone.  Countless times have I picked up the phone from a table, or desk and accidentally touched the screen causing an undesireable channel change.  There have even been times when I had been watching a program that had been paused for some time.  One accidental touch of the screen and the channel changed along with my paused program.  As anyone who has ever watched a DVR knows, changing the channel instantly caused one to lose all the accumulated pause time of the program you were initially watching.


      Please implement an option to shut this feature down, or at the very least, build in a safety of sorts so that dual actions would be necessary in order to initiate channel changing.