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    How do I make HDMI work with iPhone

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      I had my Slingbox connected to a set top box that was wired to a projector using AV Cables and when I was away, I could connect my iPhone to a Tv using HDMI and it worked.

      Now I connected my Slingbox to another set top box connected to a Tv which I use the HDMI from set top box to Tv and Slingbox is connected to AV inputs on cable box and it's not working with my iPhone app when I am away and connecting it to a TV using HDMI. The Slingbox app works on my iPhone and I am selecting HQ and I am connecting to the same Tv that worked in the past. So confused.


      I was wondering, is it a problem that the Tv is using HDMI to the cable box? . Also I have a new cable box from Verizon and I am wondering if that is a problem.