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    missing remote control button on sling player for mac?


      I downloaded the sling player for mac.  It seemingly downloaded fine and connected to my sling box 500.  However, when I launched it, there was a button for the remote control.  I must have done something but that button is now missing and I can't get to my remote.  Any suggestions?

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          matthew.sling Newbie

          Hello, Andrew


          If the remote option not is coming up on the SlingPayer application, you might want to try to connect on newwatch.slingbox.com. If the remote is not coming up on the web site, you can configure the remote again from that same page. Here is an article that explain how to.



          Hope that helps.


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              Thank you Matthew.


              I was actually able to figure the remote issue with the slingplayer.  However, I wanted to try your ‘newwatch’ link as well - which was something had been working until very recently, and then stopped working. 


              I like the newwatch because it had the pop-out window, which I like using on my desktop.  Unfortunately, for some reason, this way of watching suddenly stopped working as a way to connect with my Slingbox 500.  I’m able to connect through my various other devices (iphone, ipad) and, now, through the slingplayer.


              I noticed on the the newwatch page, that there was a slight change to the layout of the webpage that coincided with my being unable to connect.  Although the page basically looks the same, the Slingbox directory used to be more to the left side of the page, below the Live TV/Settings bar (I think).  It is now more towards the right on that same bar.  Don’t know how or why this changed or why it should make a difference.  However, once this change to the page was made, I was suddenly not able to connect to my slingbox. 


              All of my various slingboxes are listed in the directory (only one is connected and active, the 500) but when I click on it, the circular arrow spins around clockwise as if it’s in the process of connecting but is never able to successfully connect.  Any thoughts about why that would be the case?


              Thanks, again, for your help.


              Andy Reimer