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    Slingbox 350 Not Functioning (Apple Airport Extreme)




      At my old house I had my 350 hooked up to WOW internet, with a wired network connection to their Arris router. Worked fine, all day.


      Then I moved to a new place. At the new place I have Time Warner, modem hardwired to an Airport Extreme, and the 350 hardwired to the Airport Extreme.


      I cant get this flipping thing to work anymore. I cant even connect to it while on the local network. I've done power cycles of both the 350 and Airport, as well as the "reset" button on the back of the 350.


      - All of the lights are good (power and network are solid)

      - Physical connections are good.

      - NAT-PMP is enabled (for whatever that means - I read it on another post)


      Im thinking it HAS to be an issue with the Airport Extreme. Does someone have a how-to on configuring the Airport Extreme for the Slingbox 350? The other threads that discuss this are USELESS.


      I've been a loyal (and previously happy) Slingbox owner since 2006. But Im about to throw it into the trash.


      HELP ME. Thanks.