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    Audio, But No Video on Desktop, iPad App Works Fine


      SlingPlayer for iPad works fine, so it is not a cable connection/hardware issue with SlingBox.  Trying to watch on Mac via SlingBox.com - was working well until yesterday.  Now getting audio, but no video.  Internet connection is good.  Using a SlingBox PRO HD and running Mac OS X version 10.7.5.  Usually access on Safari, but have also tried Firefox with same results.  Have also tried with Windows laptop and Explorer with same results - audio only, no video.  I have found one work around, which is to start watching on iPad via the SlingPlayer app, disconnect, then reconnect via SlingBox.com on Mac.  Works, but video quality is poor relative to before started having this issue yesterday.  Is this a software update, software settings issue?  Noticed from the posts that people were having the similar issues with the new Chrome plug-in, but as I mentioned above, having the same problem using Safari, Firefox and Explorer. Any ideas.  Thanks. !