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    Slingplayer on ipad - TV Guide Not Working

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      I have AT&T U-Verse (just installed in today).  UVerse life TV and on screen remote are working fine on ipad, but TV Guide will not work.   What happened?  I used to have DirectTV and the guide worked just fine. 

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Perry!


          First, which guide are you trying to access?  Are you trying to use the Guide from our Slingplayer app, or the Guide in the U-Verse box?  What exactly goes wrong with the guide?  Does it not pull up?  Are there channels missing?


          If the issue is with the Guide programmed in the Slingplayer, I would first try accessing that guide on the iPad, and toggling the "HD Only" option on and off, and see if that makes all your channels show up.  Second, I would try reconfiguring the guide and the virtual remote by following the process in this article (even though you can control your TV):



          If the issue is with the guide you access using the "Guide" button on your virtual TV remote, I would consider trying the AT&T U-Verse universal remotes.  Entering "U-Verse" or "AT&T" in the search field when it asks for cable box manufacturer and model number (using the process from the article above) should bring them up.


          Hope this helps!