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    Hotkey functionality in browsers

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      A few months ago hotkeys would work great in Firefox, then an "upgrade" or as I call it "downgrade" came.  Hotkeys were not working like they did before.  For example, prior to the change I was able to use the hotkey to go down a page in the guide menu  ATT Uverse, and the down arrow to go down 1 item, so from channel 3 to channel 4.  After the change, the hotkey for going down a page still works fine but the down arrow now makes the guide to go down a page AND go down 1 item or channel.  This forces me to use the mouse to bring up the virtual remote and click the down button on the virtual remote.  I contacted Tech Support and they told me that its part of the design and the hotkeys are being phased out.  So I'm here for a few reasons.  One, to ask why is the design team choosing to go this route? Two, to ask what the new method will be, and three to ask for my FULL hotkey functionality back.  It worked great and now I hate using the virtual remote and some of the hotkeys that still work.