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    Slingbox Pro-HD Failure to Connect to Internet

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      My Slingbox Pro-HD (circa 2012) is connected to my home network through a wireless bridge via Ethernet cable.  The bridge is functioning fine as other devices connected to it are working properly.  I successfully accessed the Slingbox  remotely a couple of days ago.  Later that day and still, I could not/cannot access the Slingbox remotely and receive the message that it is not connected to the Internet.  The power light is on, the network light is off and the main light in the middle of the device either blinks intermittently or is off.  I have rebooted the Sling box.  I have rebooted the router and the Slingbox in sequence.  I have hit the reset button on the Slingbox.  I have connected the Slingbox to the wireless bridge via an Ethernet cable that is working for another device.  None of those steps have worked.  Any suggestions?