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    I can't start my slingbox remotely

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      I bought my Slingbox 500 to access  it remotely with Sling Player for Web.

      Since the last Slingbox hardware update, someone has to physically access the Slingbox's remote and select "Live TV". Otherwise I just can't do/view anything remotely.

      The "No video signal detected, your video source might be powered off. Do you want to power it on?" has never worked for me but at least I was able to turn the Slingbox on with the software remote.

      Now that's gone too. You are trying my patience. I hope this mess will get fixed asap. I bought the Slingbox to be accessed remotely not to have someone perform something locally each time it starts.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          The Slingbox doesn't have an On/off switch, it is designed to be left on permanently.    Or are you actually talking about your AV device ?

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              I'm obviously talking about my Slingbox. It is always ON, however for some reason, after the last firmware update it resets itself and it stays in the initial menu where you see 5 icons: "Live TV", Gallery and others. No matter what I do remotely, when in this state it won't allow me to see the stream until someone selects on the Slingbox (with the Slingbox remote) "Live TV". Then I'm able to watch, change channels, power off my STB. Which means someone has to physically be near the Slingbox to select the "Live TV" each time...

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                  I think I fixed one of the issues that caused my problems. My Slingbox wasn't updated to the latest version, although it was connected via LAN and I could watch remotely. Weird. Was on firmware version 1.8.42

                  It wouldn't find the updates, failed to check for updates each time. As this might happen to others as well, here's my fix.


                  What I had:

                  Slingbox 500 connected via Ethernet (Active).

                  Settings - About - Check for updates - Failed (each time)

                  Version 1.8.42 (I think)


                  What I did

                  Switched Network to Wireless

                  Checked for updates - Found update. Updated to 1.10.95. This isn't the latest shown here:

                  Slingbox.com - How to get the latest firmware for your Slingbox

                  (there it shows 1.9.162 as latest)

                  Switched back to Ethernet. Now properly finds updates (says No update available)


                  My issues seem to have fixed for now with the latest firmware update. Will post here again if the issues come back