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    AT&T U-Verse New DVR

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      Just had AT&T Uverse installed. They tell me this is the latest and greatest wireless DVR system. The buttom side has Pace on it Model: IPH8005. I can not find a remote to work on Slingbox. Anyone have suggestions?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I assume you have already done a proper Forum Search for your model number in case other people have already answered your question ?


          If so and that didn't help then check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/message/10363#10363


          Come back if it that doesn't help either.



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            Samantha.Sling Apprentice

            Hello James,


            There are a couple of different ways you can go about that; I would recommend trying the "U-Verse Black" remote. If this doesn't work, I would ensure that the set top box is on IR and not RF and that, if you are using it, the IR Blaster is directly infront of the IR Sensor in the set top box.


            If these steps do not prove fruitful; it is possible we do not have the coding for that remote just yet. You can search the forums to see if that remote has already been requested or created and work with the bin file from there (or make a request if need be).


            I hope this helps!!