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    Slingbox 350 and Firestick - Unusable Quality Issues

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      So, we bought an Amazon Firestick for the specific purpose of pulling our Slingbox stream from Florida over to Seattle and watching HD video on the flatscreen TV. Disclaimer: watching Slingbox in HD on a laptop with any of the browser plugins seems to work just fine, albeit with periodic quality issues.


      Florida site has Uverse DSL uploading about 5-6mbs (18-20mbs down) when tested with a speedtest.net server in the Seattle (Sling destination area). Seattle Comcast cable internet download is about 25mbs. Ping tested at 110ms.


      When trying to watch the feed in HD, we can see a clear picture for a few moments, then it just freezes...then some picture...then freezing for a few more seconds and on and on. Downscaling to the worst resolution produces smoother results, but it will still freeze for a few seconds every 20-30 seconds. Essentially HD or not, the system is unusable, yet Slingbox' own support FAQ is saying we only need about 2mbs up for a clean HD picture.


      I don't want to waste money upgrading the Uverse internet in Florida, so is this an issue with the 350 firmware or the Firestick firmware or just a crappily written viewing app for Firestick that never worked right for anyone?