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    Power light is blinking


      The power light is blinking ( network as well)  I have hit the reset, held the reset all to no avail.  The troubleshooting guide is fine for the network light but what does the power light blinking mean?  I have not Been able to start the set up w/the new router.

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          eferz Expert

          If the power light is blinking that's a real bad sign.  Are you sure that you have the correct AC adapater plugged into the Slingbox?  You can verify the voltage/amp and the pin configuration from the bottom label of the SLingbox and the what's listed on the AC adapter.  Otherwise, it sounds like your Slingbox is dead.


          There should be three sets of lights by the way.  The Power Light which indicates its getting power.  The network light which stays lit if it was a valid IP address on your network, or blinks if its waiting for one from your router's DHCP server.  And the horseshoe led's that blink when someone is connnected and actively streaming.

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              Dang, mine just started blinking as well, out of nowhere, (Only the power light, none others, and reseting it does nothing) I've only owned this thing for 5 months, it can't be dead already. Is there some sort of repair service I can contact? I don't want to waste another $170 on a box thats just going to die in less than 6 months.

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              Same thing happened to me, bought a new power cord for $20 from the website and that solved the problem immediately!