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    Cannot select slingbox from Directory.


      I have a Slingbox 350 which has been running great for about a year now.  I use the Slingplayer on my iphone, ipad, and watch through Roku and on my desktop and laptop computers running Windows 7.


      Beginning today, with the new webpage interface, while I can still view on iphone and ipad, I cannot via computer browser.  I have tried both Firefox and IE, neither of which works.


      I get to the page to Watch, and see my slingbox from the Directory, but when I try to select, nothing happens.


      When I move the cursor over the right arrow mark next to the slingbox I'm trying to select, I can see the information: Owner, Network Status (LAN is ON), and Delete, but when I try to select, nothing happens.


      I have confirmed that following are updated and current: OS, Broswers, Flash, Java.


      What is the issue and how can I fix it?


      - Jose



      Success.  I had 2 "phantom" slingbox entries in the Directory from previous slingbox installations that were no longer valid.  I deleted both "phantom" entries and now can select my current and active slingbox.  If anyone has the same problem, I hope this helps.


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