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    no memory?

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      my slingbox keeps telling me I need to free up space on my computer because I don't have enough memory to play slingplayer, but I have over 500gb of free space? does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix this?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello David,


          I have some steps for you to run through:


          1. On your keyboard for the PC, hold the Windows key and press the "R" key. This will pull up the "Run" box for you.
          2. In the "Run" box, type in "%appdata%" and hit enter. This will open the "Appdata>Roaming" folder.
          3. Once you are in this folder, you are going to want to highlight and delete everything you can (it will prevent you from deleting any vital files/folders).
          4. After you have cleared everything you can out of "%appdata%, you will want to follow the previous steps once more but instead you will be clearing everything out of the "%temp%" folder.


          After you have performed the steps above, you will want to restart the PC. Once the PC is back up and running, go ahead and relaunch the Slingplayer Desktop App and see if the issue persists.


          - Stan