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    slingbox 350 not controlling roamio plus

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      First my setup: I have TiVo Roamio Plus connected to TV with HDMI and also with RGB component cables to Slingbox 350 input. Cables from TiVo and Slingbox go to separate router ports


      I can access video and audio from iPad2 using TiVo app, and also using Slingmedia app. The slingmedia app shows the correct Roamio remote image. When I click on any button of the remote there is a pause in video and audio as if the command was about to be implemented, but no change happens.


      I set up Roamio remote using instructions from watch.slingbox.com, configure input. At step 10 I did not receive a dialog box "If you see a dialog box that says We Detected an HDMI video source, answer SAME if you have both the HDMI and the component video cables connected to the same set-top box. This is very important!"


      As I said above I have both HDMI and Component connected to Roamio. How can I get the dialog box? I tried removing HDMI from Roamio to TV. Slingbox continues streaming to iPad but as before I can't make any changes by clicking the Slingbox remote image.


      Amy ideas? It seems so close to working.