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    Trouble adding new 350 to exisiting directory

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      I've had a Pro HD forever, and for the most part it has worked very well.  I recently bought a 350 to control a second DVR in my home.  Setup will not let me add it to my directory.  Setup won't even find it.  Even when I unplug the older machine, players and setup continue looking/trying to connect to the original machine.  So my questions are:

      1.  Is it possible to have more than one machine in my directory?

      2.  If not, assuming there is a fix for question #3, is the work around setting up a separate account for the other machine?

      2.  I s there any good fix for setup/players not finding the new machine?

      I'd appreciate any help on any other these questions.  Thank you.

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          sakisson Novice

          Hi Michael,

          Yes you can have as many Slingbox's you want within your directory.

          Press the reset for more than 30sec , if the power+network leds are solid and the logo is pulsing the slingbox is ready to be configured

          If now your IE cant find it try with Firefox : setup.slingbox.com and disable any firewall/antivirus during the process