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      This is ****! I can get my feed on my phone and IPod but not on line with my account with my hard wired computer. Now with that written your dam adds that show up on your craping website that do not give me my feed but they give the dam adds. I did not purchase this for the adds but to watch my feeds!

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          Had originally purchased Sling Windows software years ago and it is still great.  However, it would not work with Win 8.1, so I had to download the current version.

          This is the ones with all the adds, (the ones you are not supposed to see if you had paid and updated pre OCT1).  Not only are the adds annoying, every time you loose the wifi signal you have to watch them again.  Additionally the interface is much poorer than the original.


          Slingbox has ruined a great product.  I figured it's days were numbered after the Directtv, ATT merger.