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    Is there no service but add's?


      This is ****! I can get my feed on my phone and IPod but not on line with my account with my hard wired computer. Now with that written your dam adds that show up on your craping website that do not give me my feed but they give the dam adds. I did not purchase this for the adds but to watch my feeds!

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          HT1977 Newbie

          Yes, Slingbox service and function is getting more and more frustrating.  We are now forced to use the newwatch web connection from a PC for newer sling box devices, and we get forced to watch ads before and after connections.

          The problem today (two weeks actually) is newwatch will not connect to any slingbox device.  I can't even connect to my Pro-HD in my own house on the same Ethernet.


          What is going on SLING.COM.  It's been about two weeks, since the new "facelift" that this connection problem has existed.  I thought it was just a problem when connecting from my office, but after testing the newwatch from home, I see the problem is bigger than I expected.  I've seen a few comments in the forum on the same trouble, so I know it's not just me.  I expect any day now for the newwatch program to start working as it did before, while SLING.COM stays mum on the situation.  That seems to be their only play.