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    set up with sky box

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      New to this discussion thing, so please forgive any breach of etiquette!  I have a sky box.  I am sure it outputs SCART and HDMI at the same time.  My upload speed at home probably cant deal with HD signal so I am happy to use slingbox via the SCART.  However, I don't want to disturb the HDMI hook up with my TV.  So the question is, does the slingox need to be fully connected "in line" between the TV and Sky box, or does it really just need to be connected to the back of the Sky box?  i.e. can i get away with just hooking it up to the SCART output and not bother connecting the slingbox to the TV at all?  That way, I think I will be able to watch SD signal while I am away, and HD (undisturbed signal) when I am at home.  Is that r