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    Home and navigation buttons on virtual Telenet remote control

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      I am since November 2012 a happy customer of Telenet for a combined package of HD TV, mobile and fixed line telephony and Internet. Telenet provided me with a DC-AD 2100 Digicorder and a remote control (See slide #1 of the attached PowerPoint presentation).

      The manufacturer of the set top box is Advanced Digital Broadcasts but I don’t know the exact model. The manufacturer of the remote control is Ruwita. The number inside the battery cover is 17.392 which is the model number, I think.

      I just installed a Slingbox 350. This allows me to watch my home TV while not at home.  The output of the Digicorder on my laptop is OK as can be seen in the PowerPoint presentation on slide #2.

      The only Telenet remote that I can select from the drop down menu from Slingbox (RC-RW100) is similar to the remote that I have but is not 100% the same.  Please see slide #3 for a comparison between the remote control displayed by Slingbox (gray) and the one I have (black). Apart from differences in color and shape (“rounder” displayed versus “slimmer” as I have) there are some differences in button lay out. I was hoping this was not a major issue but apparently it is. My daughter has the gray, rounder (older?) remote control from Telenet as displayed by Slingbox. This remote is labeled outside RC-RW100 and inside the battery compartment Ruwita 17.114 (as opposed to 17.392 on the inside of the battery compartment lid of my (black) remote control)

      I can operate some of the Digicorder functions through the standard available (gray) virtual remote. The “On / Off”,  “Channel Up / Down”, “Volume Up / Down”, “Mute” and “Numbers 0 to 9” buttons work fine but the “Home” and “Up, Down, Left and Right” navigation buttons don’t seem to have any effect.  This is a serious issue as the “Home” button displays the start page for all options like broadcasting programs, recordings, etc. and the navigation buttons allow navigation through all the options.

      I found in this forum some threads like https://community.slingbox.com/message/93022#93022 and https://community.sling.com/message/88251#88251 that describe issues and solutions with the RC-RW100 Telenet remote. Mr. Hans Van Keulen of Digiport Europe who helped me through the installation process of the Slingbox was so nice to upload the “solutions” from the forum (because I had no idea what to do with these files) but the result is still the same. The “Home” and navigation buttons still have no effect.

      Thanks for helping me with this significant issue. I hope the attached PowerPoint presentation tells with its pictures the story better than a thousand words.