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    chrome plug-in is terrible, why ruin such a good product?


      i get that you want to make money, so you're putting in ads everywhere.  fine.  but the chrome plug-in is not customer-ready.  doesn't connect, covers part of the viewable screen area with ads and some sort of menu.  it's really terrible, and i can only assume that it didn't get half the testing it should have before it was pushed to customers.  but then...you're making your ad $$ now, so who cares if it works, i suppose.  pretty disappointing.  i can still use IE which doesn't have this lousy software that you've released, so i can actually use the product...until you push these changes down there, too.  i hate to say it, but i'll be looking to see if there are other ways that i can get this same functionality from a different product, which is a real shame because up until lately i've been really happy with it and told people how great it is. oh well.