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    having 2 slingboxes on same network support 2 viewers?


      I am thinking about adding a 2nd slingbox at my house.   I know how to add it and make it show up in my "slingbox directory" 

      The question is can I be watching a show though slingplayer on one slingbox lets call it "upstairs" and can my dad at the same time be watching a show through slingplayer on the other slingbox called "downstairs" at the same time????


      I know there is a one user simultaneous limit, but is that per slingbox or per home network???

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          eferz Expert

          Nope.  The only concern with multiple Slingbox on the same local network is bandwidth.  If you're using at least a Fast Eternet (100 Mbps) hub then you'll be  fine.  Hardwired is better than wireless due to protocol latency associated with wireless.  A switch is better than a hub as it doesn't share bandwith like hub.  Gigabit (1000Mbpx) Ethernet is obvioulsy faster than Fast (100Mbps) Ethernet.


          The only other caveat would be remote viewing the seperate Slingboxes.  That's when you'll need to make sure that each Slingbox is using a unique port number.  That's because your firewall can only port forward each port to a single IP address.  So, if remote viewing is important to you for both boxes then you'll need to change the default port from at least one Slingbox, and create a matching port fowarding rule for its new port.