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    Mini TiVo to Slingbox AND Slingbox quality on Chromecast

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      I have a Slingbox 500 and am trying to connect my TiVo Mini. The TiVo Mini component output is not the same input as the Slingbox. (1 port component output and no audio output on Mini, and three component input as well as dual audio input on Slingbox 500). What cord do I need to buy to make these two compatible. HDMI does not work as it copyright protected.


      Currently, I have the Slingbox hooked up to a Motorola cable box with no DVR functionality, so need to switch it. But, I am having issues with the quality of the video when mirroring to my Chromecast. It works perfectly fine and in high quality on my PC (even connected to the tv via HDMI cord) or Samsung S6 Edge. However, when I try and mirror the video to my Chromecast, the video quality drops to nearly un-watchable and is buffering often. The Chromecast does work in perfect HD quality when streaming HBOGO and from Chrome on my PC or phone. Is this an issue with Slingbox or Chromecast? Would I fair any better with a Roku?