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    Slingbox, don't be evil


      Slingbox, don’t be evil. I understand the need to make money. “Bulls” make money; “Bears” make money, “Pigs” Get lead to slaughter.  You are on the road to slaughter.


      First you place obnoxious ads that no one wants, in languages people don’t understand.  Now you are forcing a streamed ad that I’m supposed to watch before I can watch my TV Stream? What’s next, you are going to force ads to my software for me to watch every 5 mins while I’m watching my commercial free HBO movie?


      What’s wrong with you? I have never written a negative comment about a product or company, even if I was unhappy with them. But for you, a company that does not listen to it’s loyal customers and enflames them even more by finding different ways of cramming and forcing more ads to people that don’t want, I make an exception.


      The shame of it all is that you have a good product, but that will not save you if you alienate your loyal customers, which currently seems to be your corporate strategy.


      Don’t be evil. Get rid of the ads. If not, it will be the death of you. It could look something like this:

      A disgruntled thirteen year old with a lot of time on his hands is going to decompile your plugin and/or desktop software and will write some code that will allow us to bypass your servers (and your ads) and link to a free DDNS server giving us direct access to our Slingboxes and there will be nothing you can do about it. You will be cut out completely, and then you will truly have nothing.  It’s not as hard as you think. On the old Slingplayer software it was already part of the code. Instead of connecting to Slingbox server, you could designate a DDNS server and bypass Slingbox servers.


      So Slingbox, listen to your customers before the disgruntled thirteen year old writes the code and all is lost for you. I for one will be the first to use the new player.

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          Looks like they nobbled Amazon on this one too when I tried to post a review complaining about the ads it got removed don't you guys make enough money!!!!

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            If you've got the 13 year old, I'll help fund his effort..  :-)  Matter of fact, I don't care what age (s)he is..

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                I think this means that the company management is intending to sell the company or let it fail, as they have cannibalized the value of the brand name by doing this.  You only deliberately destroy the value of a brand name that you've built up over many years like this if your time horizons are very short term and you are trying to squeeze every last dollar you can out of it because you are intending to throw it away anyway.