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    Chrome: Stuck Initializing


      Two days ago I was forced to install the new Chrome plugin...which obviously just included more ways for you to make ad money when I use equipment I spent money on. It worked fine until this afternoon where its stuck on "Initializing Slingplayer" and nothing ever happens. I have tried launched several times and nothing. Please don't give me a canned answer about firewalls or other setting. I changed nothing from when it was working.  Oh yeah, it still works on Firefox so it clearly a Chrome plugin issue.


      Obviously I'm not the only one having a problem since a quick search of Twitter shows hundreds of people having the same problems. But obviously you dont care about your customers anymore. I've owned your product for over a year and I've had more problem the last couple months than I had in a year before. I hope your ad money keeps you afloat when people stop buying equipment that won't work properly using software you designed to increase ad revenue at the experience of people being able to use your product. Your amazing hardware if now suffering from your ****** software.