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    Lollipop issues Note 4

    jaswinder05 Newbie

      I thought I should add to the long line of loyal Slingbox  fans who are very frustrated  with the issues regarding the Android  update to Lollipop.


      I just got a Samsung  Note 4 and yesterday updated from kit kat 4.4.4 to Lollipop  before everything was working fine and now just issues.


      I own slingbox hd,  a M1 and slingbox 500.


      The slingbox hd works in SQ mode only the M1 and 500 models do not , they connect but no sound and just blank picture.


      Please sling advice on my next steps.......A)Downgrade to kit kat ? Not the ideal scenario but if a solution from sling is weeks away I may need to go down that road.


      B)  Downgrade sling app?


      C) There is a imenant  solution ?