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    problems with sling anywhere a nNexus &daptor using windows 8 pro

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      My Nexus 7 tablet took a dump. Upgraded to my new Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB running windows 8 Pro and I/E V.11. Now unable to view prerecorded shows saved on my DISH DVR -or- view "Live" TV using my sling adaptor on this new tablet. Keep getting the following message......" We're sorry but your 64 Bit Browser is not the latest 32 Bit version of Chrome or Firefox or I/E. Click here for more info. When I click "here" the next page that comes up is one telling me what versions of Chrome, Firefox, and I/E will work with sling. The one for I/E states it must be V.10 (and above). ???? I'm running I/E V.11 already so why doesn't my sling work??? When I called DISH Network Support their answer was to download Chrome and see if that works. So back to that page it tells me that I need Chrome V38 to work. Yet when I go to download Chrome V38 (which I'm not all that happy doing having two browsers on one tablet) My antivirus software will not allow the download of Chrome. Whew... didn't want it anyway! So now hoping one of you folks have been through this with your Surface Pro's and can guide me step by Steptoe to make my sling adaptor work. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions