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    How to make Slingplayer V1.16 work on Chrome version 42 and later

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      When I was forced to upgrade to Slingplayer V1.16, it would no longer connect to my Slingbox under Chrome; I discovered that the cause was that Chrome has turned off the NPAPI interface in version 42 of Chrome; Slingplayer needs NPAPI; turning  off NPAPI also screws up Java which is where I got this fix; to turn on NPAPI:


      In your Chrome URL bar, enter:


      Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option.

      Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page.


      It turns out Slingbox support knows about this problem but isn't comfortable(?) telling people to modify Chrome flags but they are comfortable leaving customers hanging out to dry;  Oracle seems OK telling people to set the flag; go figure!